A US based venture capital investor with significant Californian holdings is to meet with kiwi counterparts.

Joe Horowitz, Managing General Partner of Jafco, will be in New Zealand during the week.

His firm currently holds three quarters of a billion US dollars worth of investments in second stage start up companies.

Mr Horowitz says he'll be meeting with local firms to discuss industry developments and provide an update on the US situation.

But he indicates business will be done too.

"My business meetings are with some of the investors that really are serious about being involved with us here"

Software is being pushed as potentially the best way for kiwi start-up companies to go

Mr Horowit, says Xero is a New Zealand example of such success.

He says if any idea is likely to be successful outside of New Zealand, and get the level of investment common in the US, then it's likely to be software.

"Software is exportable. A software is something that after you've sold some in your local market to demonstrate there are customers you can expand the business outside the borders of that country."

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