8% Raised


W. Midlands, United Kingdom

Knowhoo®; An app that enables users to compare all sales discounts products services; covers all business types across the UK & Intl; SEIS & EIS in progress; Branded & TM reg; 12+yrs business experience; Raised £30K+

NZ$ 660,000


NZ$ 19,000

Min per Investor

25% Raised

Wealth & Legacy Creation

New South Wales, Australia

Versailles Capital; Helping property investors build wealth & legacy; Company registered in August 2018; 3 properties available for investment; Cross team experience of 120 years in Property & Finance; 1.4m+ shares taken up; Already raised $1m+.

NZ$ 4,100,000


NZ$ 52,000

Min per Investor

87% Raised


West, USA

We come from Visa, Apple, and PayPal. We're here to make payments painless for software platforms that process ticket payments for festivals, donation payments for non-profits & fine payments for municipalities (merchants). WATCH digitzs.com/solution

NZ$ 2,100,000


NZ$ 36,000

Min per Investor

10% Raised

Inhalable cannabis & CBD

London, United Kingdom

hapac® is a unique patent pending system for vaporising medical cannabis and CBD. It is simple, sustainable & has the potential to be the lowest-cost cannabis product in the market due to its high-speed automated production and low variable costs....

NZ$ 2,800,000


NZ$ 38,000

Min per Investor

0% Raised

Fuelpay -Free Fuel Device


Fuelpay™ - generating free fuel; runs on blockchain technology for all types of land-based vehicles; proven technology; working prototype; highly experienced team; targeting to sell 30.000 – 40.000 units on Kickstarter and 1.5 million during 2021....

NZ$ 4,900,000


NZ$ 24,000

Min per Investor

85% Raised

Cask Irish Whiskey

Dublin, Ireland

A unique opportunity offering private investors returns of 8% + per annum by investing in cask Irish Whiskey.

NZ$ 5,800,000


NZ$ 49,000

Min per Investor

0% Raised


Zurich, Switzerland

Es soll in eine schon bestehenden Gastronomie-Kette investiert werden. Die seit knapp 10 Jahren ihre Hörner abgestossen hat und Heute marktfähig Ihr Business bestreitet.

NZ$ 10000000


NZ$ 730,000

Min per Investor

Global Pro
5% Raised


South East, USA

We are developing a brand-new technology - "4D imaging holographic AR Head-up display", a next-generation head-up display technology that is going to disrupt the markets of Connected Cars, Head-up displays and Human-machine interaction.

NZ$ 1,000,000


NZ$ 73,000

Min per Investor

Global Pro
50% Raised


London, United Kingdom

We drink 165m cups of tea vs 70m of coffee every day in the UK. The no-alcohol market is exploding- with brands like Seedlip having great success. teatotal aims to address both these market subsets, serving as a café by day and no-alc bar by night.

NZ$ 950,000


NZ$ 9,500

Min per Investor

Per Page

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