Every successful entrepreneur knows that turning a business plan into a profitable venture requires start up business financing. This seed capital can come from a variety of sources, such as bank loans and governmental grants, or money borrowed from a friend. These methods are becoming increasing complicated, however. Banks are more hesitant than ever to give out loans to newly starting entrepreneurs, and government grants often come in very small amounts, and are only rewarded after extensively time consuming paperwork. Wishing to overcome these financial hurdles, a climbing number of potential business owners are looking to private investments for their start. By taking advantage of online investment networks, entrepreneurs can find private investors, also known as angel investors, who are willing to investment in potential businesses for discerning entrepreneurs who want to research.

Often, angel investors wish to take a more hands-on role within the business, to ensure their investment is worthwhile. Because of their more active involvement within business, investors can share their ideas, contacts, and experience with their new entrepreneur business part, and teach them valuable business knowledge. All of this information and other investment details are listed clearly on our network under each angel investor listing.

Our angel investors are often experienced in their own sector of business, and wish to connect with New Zealand entrepreneurs in similar sectors, or nearby locations. With thousands of private investors listed upon our network, in a wide selection of business sectors, entrepreneurs are easily able to connect with their angel investor and negotiate terms of investments.