Private investors both within New Zealand and internationally are looking to New Zealand’s market for potential investment opportunities.

Some of them are successful entrepreneurs themselves, who want to use the knowledge that they have accumulated to help other businesses succeed. Many private investors will want to have a role in managing the business, as well as shares in the company, in order for the investment to be worthwhile for them.

Hundreds of local companies and entrepreneurs, from start-up ideas to small businesses looking to expand, are already members of the New Zealand Investment Network. This allows them to connect online with thousands of investors looking to make an investment.

With branches based all over the world, we seek to connect private business investors (also known as “business angels”) with entrepreneurs. Many private investors will look at ideas that are similar to their interests, perhaps sectors where they have experience – and in many cases location. Our network features entrepreneurs across a wide range of sectors, from Entertainment, Products and Retail, to IT, Finance, Biotechnology and Tourism.