Private investors both within New Zealand and internationally are looking to New Zealand’s market for potential investment opportunities.

When it comes to business there is a lot of opportunities in New Zealand. From the main commerce hubs of Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland to the agricultural, forestry, horticulture and fishing industries in the countryside, New Zealand offers a lot of opportunity for budding entrepreneurs and investors alike.

If you’re a start-up entrepreneur than you’ll probably understand that the initial phase and roll out of your business is the most critical. If you cannot get your business off the ground fast, then it might not be achievable at all. Growth can also be a major stumbling block for new businesses. Without the capital investment to fund your business it can be difficult to overcome the growth hurdle. That is why it is important to secure funding early on since growth and turnover can be the main factors for success, even for businesses that on paper seem like a solid proposition.

This early stage investment is commonly filled either by a business owner’s own finances or through outside funding such as utilizing and leveraging angel investment.

Profile of an Angel Investor

Some angel investors are successful entrepreneurs themselves, who want to use the knowledge that they have accumulated to help other businesses succeed. Many private investors will want to have a role in managing the business, as well as shares in the company, in order for the investment to be worthwhile for them.

However, this is not always the case. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for financial investment but would prefer a relatively ‘silent’ partner you’ll find there are plenty of investors out there looking to invest in a New Zealand business who want little actual involvement aside from the initial financial investment. Typically, this is because they have a lot of different investment opportunities that they are involved with or are even running their own businesses so are time poor. Which ever type of investor profile you’re looking for you will be able to find one to suit your own requirements.

How the Angel Investment Network Can Help

Hundreds of local companies and entrepreneurs, from start-up ideas to small businesses looking to expand, are already members of the New Zealand Investment Network. This allows them to connect online with thousands of investors around the world looking to make an investment in a company based in New Zealand.

With branches based all over the world, we seek to connect private business investors (also known as ‘business angels’) with entrepreneurs. Many private investors will look at ideas that are similar to their interests, perhaps in sectors where they have experience – and in many cases location.

Our network features entrepreneurs across a wide range of sectors, from Entertainment, Products and Retail, to IT, Finance, Biotechnology and Tourism. You will also be able to find entrepreneurs and businesses that focus on some of the core industries that New Zealand is famous for, namely agriculture, horticulture, and forestry.