These days, with so many helpful resources and so much information available on the internet for New Zealand entrepreneurs, more and more people with a good business plan are deciding to finally achieve their dream of starting up their business.

How to Start a Business in New Zealand

The most important part of a business is a sound plan, but no plan can be put into action without financial support. For this financial support, an investment source is needed, so that a business can grow into a successful venture.

For those starting up a business for the first time, such as newly starting entrepreneurs, traditional investment sources may not work. Banks won’t lend a new business any money, and if you don’t have the initial seed capital yourself, and you do not have family you can borrow the money from, what can you do?

Personal loans are one option but that puts you at personal financial risk which is not always a good idea. However, there are other avenues available. Internet-savvy business owners are funding their start-up businesses with private internet investors.

Using Angel Investors for Funding

Private investors, also known as angel investors, use our online investment network to post listings that describe their business sector of experience, amount of capital they are willing to invest, location, and various business terms. Many times, an angel investor will want a more involved role in business. Because of this, an angel investor may invest a larger amount of seed capital in your start up business (in comparison to a bank loan) and impart entrepreneurs with valuable business advice, so that both business partners are more likely to succeed in business.

The good thing about Angel Investors is that you can pick a business partner that suits your own individual needs. Feel like you need some extra help, support and mentoring? There are plenty of angel investors out there who are happy to fit into that particular role. Prefer to go it alone and have a silent partner that just provides financial support without additional business advice? Again, many investors are too busy to get into the minutia of all the business investments they make and prefer to leave the running of the companies they invest in, to the founder.

Either way, when picking an angel investor, it’s a good idea to understand what that investor is looking for in terms of involvement, as picking the wrong partner may become frustrating. The good news is that there are so many investors out there looking for viable business opportunities, it shouldn’t be hard for you to find a suitable investor, just as long as your business idea is a good one.

How the Angel Investment Network Can Help

If you’re an entrepreneur based in Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch or in other locations around New Zealand then the Angel Investment Network can help. When entrepreneurs use this branch of the Angel Investment Network (New Zealand Investment Network), they will be able to browse through a selection of thousands of angel investors located within New Zealand looking to get a business started with private funding.

In fact, because the Angel Investment Network is a global network of entrepreneurs and angel investors, you can attract investment from people based overseas who are looking for New Zealand-based businesses to invest their money with. This means you are not limited to just your local region, instead the entire world of investment is open to you.

This global appeal can be useful for a business in New Zealand that is looking to export overseas since some investors will be able to provide you with insight in how to operate and do business in these new markets. This can give you a head start over the competition. Another great reason why the Angel Investment Network offers entrepreneurs unparalleled opportunity.